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Avisoft-SASLab Pro is a versatile sound-analysis, sound editing and synthesis tool that has been adopted to the special needs of researchers studying animal sound communication.

Avisoft-SASLab Pro consists of several windows that are dedicated to certain tasks. The main window allows to open and to save .wav files, to edit the waveforms and to launch additional windows for specific tasks. One of the most important analysis windows is the spectrogram window (command Analyze > Create Spectrogram... ) that supports detailed spectrogram analysis, measurements, printing and export functions. Other windows are dedicated to special functions, such as power spectra (Analyze > One-dimensional transformation...), pulse train analysis (Analyze > Pulse Train Anaysis...) or synthesis (Edit > Synthesizer).

The individual windows are:

Main window
Spectrogram window
Curve window
Synthesizer window
Real Time Spectrograph window

The Avisoft-SASLab Pro / Lite software also includes a separate CORRELATOR program for correlating spectrograms, spectra and waveforms that have been saved as .son, .wav or .txt files. See the Avisoft CORRELATOR online help.

Hard- & Software Requirements

To run the software, a common Windows PC with at least 256 MB of RAM and about 1 GB of free disk space is required. In order to play back (or perhaps also record) sounds, a sound card or external USB audio interface should be installed.

Installation procedure

To install the software, run the installation program either from the supplied USB flash drive (subfolder SASLab Pro / setup.exe) or the Avisoft Bioacoustics website (www.avisoft.com/downloads or directly www.avisoft.com/SASLab Pro.exe). The supplied USB key must be plugged into an USB port of the computer in order to launch the programme.

The USB key requires a dedicated device driver that should be installed automatically. That driver can also be installed separately from Sentinel System Driver Installer.

Free software updates that provide bug fixes and improved functionality are available from www.avisoft.com/downloads.

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