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Curve window : Tools

Insert bound cursor Inserts a vertical measuring cursor that moves along the curve. Two of these can be activated in order to measure differences.

Insert free horizontal cursor Inserts a free moveable horizontal measuring cursor. Two of these can be activated in order to measure differences.

Remove cursor Removes the measuring cursors.

Harmonic cursor When this option is checked, the measuring cursors will have a harmonic style. In that mode of operation, the cursor also shows multiples of the fundamental cursor frequency. This supports measuring the fundamental frequencies of complex harmonic sounds. Each of the cursor harmonics can be dragged by mouse, which allows precise fundamental frequency measurements.

Cursor linkage between Instances… This dialog allows to define cursor linkages between different instances of the SASLab Pro software.

Insert label

Insert section label

Label settings...

Generate section labels This command will generate section labels from the current gate function measurements. This command is only available on the One-dimensional transformation Gate function (signal/silence duration).

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