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Synthesizer window : Edit

The editing commands allow moving or manipulating several elements at once. The elements to be processed have first to be selected by using the section marker. The marker can be inserted by left-clicking at the desired start point while the Shift key is pressed. Then drag the marker to the desired end point.

The time coordinates and the duration of the marker is displayed on the top of the Synthesizer window.

This marker allows to move the selected elements by the mouse (while the Shift key is being pressed).

Copy Copies the selected elements into an internal clipboard.

Paste Inserts the content of the clipboard at the selected position (left margin of the marker).

Cut Cuts the selected elements and copies them into the clipboard.

Delete Deletes the selected elements without moving the following elements.

Append Appends the content of the clipboard behind the last element.

Remove marker Removes the marker.

Disable marker This option temporarily disables the current marker. If this option is activated, the elements hidden by the marker can be edited while the position of the marker is still visible (for orientation).

Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 26 October 2019