Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.15 (16 September 2020)

  • The commands Edit > Insert Silence… and Edit > Insert silent margins… now allow to insert the clipboard content (containing a background noise signal) rather than zeros.
  • The new main window command File > Specials > UltraSoundGate DIO > Add analog DI track channel allows to copy the DIO track data into a new separate analog channel that can be used for timecode synchronization purposes.
  • The main window command Edit > Insert silent margins… has been extended in order to add silent margins also to marked sections and section labels.
  • The new main window command Tools > Labels > Standardize section label durations / Convert labels… allows to set all section labels to a uniform duration, which can for instance be useful for creating template files.
  • Spectrograms can now also be saved as uncompressed .png image files.
  • The new zero padding option on the One-dimensional Transformation dialog box can be used to estimate frequency peaks and magnitudes more accurately by interpolating the discrete spectrum.
  • The FFT Length of the spectrogram overview on the main window can now be adjusted by dragging the upper margin with the mouse while the Ctrl key is being pressed.
  • The new spectrogram window command File > Save spectrogram images of labelled sections… can streamline the process of preparing templates that are required for classification purposes. This new function can also be executed in a batch process on several .wav /.son files at once.