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Animal Sounds

Software downloads for registered users

Avisoft-SASLab Pro 5.2.10, 22 July 2017 (including dongle device driver installation, 19.8 MB)
Avisoft-SASLab Pro 5.2.10, 22 July 2017 (without dongle device driver installation, 5.5 MB)

Avisoft-RECORDER 4.2.27, 21 July 2017 (for common audio interfaces and third-party data acquisition devices, including dongle device driver installation, 26.0 MB)
Avisoft-RECORDER 4.2.27, 21 July 2017 (for common audio interfaces and third-party data acquisition devices, without dongle device driver installation, 11.7 MB)

Avisoft-RECORDER USGH 4.2.27, 21 July 2017 (for the UltraSoundGate hardware, 5.2 MB)

Under certain circumstances it might happen that the configuration files (AVISOFT.CFG, RECORDER.INI, DEFAULT.INI, ...) have been damaged, which can prevent the proper operation of the software, even after re-installation. This issue can be fixed by executing the SASLab command File/Configuration/Reset or the RECORDER command Options/Configuration management/Reset. Alternatively, the entire folder Documents/Avisoft Bioacoustics/Configurations could be deleted.

Free Software

Avisoft-SASLab Lite and RECORDER Demo (13.6 MB)

Device Driver

Avisoft-SASLab Pro / RECORDER Hardlock/Sentinel HL USB key (dongle) device driver

In case the USB key is not recognized after installing the device driver, the PC should be rebooted.


Avisoft-SASLab Pro User's Guide for version 5.2
Avisoft-RECORDER User's Guide for version 4.2
Installing the GPS receiver for the RECORDER software
Synchronizing the UltraSoundGate with other (video or physiological data) recording equipment
Avisoft RECORDER USGH LANC / SMPTE time code interface
blm Using legacy Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 116 and 416 hardware on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
blm Installing the UltraSoundGate device driver on Windows XP
blm USG 116-200 (discontinued)
blm USG 416-200 (discontinued)
blm USG 116e (discontinued)
blm USG 116Unb
blm USG 116Un
blm USG 116Hnm
blm USG 116Hnbm
blm USG 116Hnb (discontinued)
blm USG 116Hn
blm USG 116He (discontinued)
blm USG 116Hme
blm USG 116Hm
blm USG 116Hbm (discontinued)
blm USG 116Hb
blm USG 116H
blm USG 416Hnbm
blm USG 416Hb
blm USG 416H
blm USG 816H
blm USG 1216H
blm CM16/CMPA, charge amplifier and 1/4" power module
blm Installing the CM16 heating module
blm USG Player 116
blm USG Player 216H
blm USG Player 416H
blm USG Player BL Pro 2
blm USG Player BL Pro
blm USG Player BL Light
blm Portable Ultrasonic Power Amplifier (second generation)
blm UltraSonic Dynamic Speaker Vifa
blm Calibrated 40 kHz Reference Signal Generator
blm Setting up the E-MU 04040 USB / Tracker Pre audio interface for ultrasound playback and recording (discontinued)
blm Setting up the Roland QUAD-CAPTURE audio interface for recording ultrasound
blm Ultrasonic Power Amplifier Operating Instructions (first generation, discontinued)
Avisoft-RECORDER 8-channel setup with M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra 8R on Windows 7
Converting Avisoft GPX files to ESRI Shapefiles
blm Automatically sending log files via email.pdf
Anleitung zur Inbetriebnahme und Kalibrierung des WEA-Fledermausmonitoring-Systems (Version vom 01.03.2017) (German)
Hinweise zum Aufbau eines Computersystems für das Langzeitmonitoring von Fledermäusen mittels Avisoft-UltraSoundGate (Version vom 26.05.2016) (German)
Classifying (bat) sound recordings
Using the Avisoft-RECORDER Bat Call Filter

Product flyers, presentations and conference posters

flyer SASLab Avisoft Bioacoustics Products flyer
flyer USG UltraSoundGate flyer new generation bat detector
flyer USG UltraSoundGate USV flyer for laboratory rodents
Poster on automatic measurement tools in SASLab Pro, XX IBAC Conference Poster on automatic measurement tools in SASLab Pro presented at the XX IBAC conference in Piran 2005.
Poster on SASLAB Pro, RECORDER and USG, 2nd International Conference on Poster on SASLAB Pro, RECORDER and USG presented at the 2nd International Conference on Acoustic Communication by Animals in Corvallis 2008.
workshop Avisoft Bat Monitoring Systems presented at the Bat Detecting Workshop / NASBR in Toronto 2011.
workshop Avisoft Bioacoustics presentation at the workshop on Mouse ultrasonic communication in Paris 2012.

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