Avisoft SASLab Pro, version 5.3.2 (05 December 2022)

  • The new main window command File> Specials > Create multichanel file… simplifies the generation of multichannel .wav files that are needed for the UltraSoundGate Player 216H and 416H devices.
  • The new main and spectrogram window command Tools > Labels > Rename labels… can accelerate annotating vocalizations by clicking buttons of predefined text modules.
  • The Automatic Parameter Measurements tool can now measure the sinuosity and curvature of elements (see Location of measurements – more…).
  • The maximum number of threads for spectrogram calculation (Analyze > Spectrogram Parameters > Threads) has been increased to 24 (taking advantage of the capabilities of new multi-core CPU models). An occasional issue of the multithreading option in long spectrograms (Threads > 1) on some computers has been fixed.
  • Both the main and spectrogram window editing tools now support unlimited undo levels (main window command Edit > Undo and spectrogram window command Tools > Undo last modification).
  • The sum and mean parameters of the Time derivative of entire element toolset can now be combined with the use absolute values and calculate slope (kHz/ms) options, which allows to quantify the average frequency modulation of elements (expressed in kHz/ms).
  • The spectrogram window commands Tools > Automatic Parameter Measurements > Move to previous/next element can now also be accessed through buttons (see screenshot).