Frequency response curves of parabolas

The right figure shows the theoretic response of a parabola. The upper left is a response of a real-world reflector made of aluminum. Below is a reflector made of plastic.

This figure is a citation from (2). It was made using data taken from (1).

(1) Little, R.S. (1964): Acoustic properties of parabolic reflectors. Bio-Acoust. Bull. 4.
(2) Tembrock, G. (1982): Tierstimmenforschung. A. Ziemsen Verlag Wittenberg Lutherstadt.

Another detailed description of parabololic reflectors can be found in this paper: Wahlström, S. (1985): The Parabolic Reflector as an Acoustic Amplifier. J. Audio Eng. Soc., Vol. 33, No. 6, pp 418.

The frequency responses of the Telinga parabolic microphones can be found here: Telinga Microphones 2005

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Last modified on 6 August 2009