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Main window : Edit

The Edit drop-down menu supplies various functions for editing the currently opened sound file. These functions can be used to remove undesired noise or to generate artificial signals for playback experiments. The editing functions Copy, Paste, Cut and Append use a program-specific clipboard that is not identical with the Windows clipboard.

Undo Returns to the soundfile and labels as they were before the last modification.

Redo Repeats the last command (except File > Open, File > Record, ...).

Copy Copies the marked section is into the clipboard.

Paste Inserts the content of the clipboard at the current insertion point (the insertion pint can be selected by left clcicking at the desired point in time - it is idicated by a small red arrow at the top of the wavaform display). In case a section has been marked, this section is replaced by the contents of the clipboard.

Cut The marked section is removed and copied into the clipboard.

Trim The samples before and after the marked section will be removed. If there is no marked section, all samples outside of the visible section will be removed.

Append The content of the clipboard is appended to the end of the file.

Change Volume...

Remove DC Offset Removes any DC component from the .wav file.

Delete The marked section is deleted (set to zero).

Delete with tapering The marked section is deleted (set to zero) with a soft transition at the margins. The transition interval (ton/off) can be defined from the drop-down menu Change Volume...

Insert silence A silent block is inserted at the current inserting position. The default length of the inserted block is determined by the length of the marked section. The option insert clipboard content inserts the background noise from the clipboard rather than zeros, which requires to manually copy a silent section of the soudn file to the clipboard (Edit > Copy) before executing this command.

Insert silent margins...

Mix The content of the clipboard is added to the signal at the current inserting position. Take care that the signals to be added are small enough so that no clipping can occur.

Reverse The marked section will be reversed.

Clipboard properties This command provides information on the contents of the clipboard.

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