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File Name Options

The Channel name option will add the name of the channel to the filename instead of creating a separate folder for each channel.

The Filename prefix is a fixed user-defined string that precedes the rest of the file name. If the option add space is checked, the prefix will always be separated from the rest of the file name by a space character.

The Date and Time options insert the current date and time to the filename. If the option Compact format is activated, the date and time is formatted in a more compact form. The GPS option will add the current coordinates and weather data to the filename if the corresponding options have been activated.

The Track Number option adds a continuous number to the filename. The Digits list box determines the number of digits in that number. Make sure that there are sufficient digits to represent all forthcoming sound events. If the Date and Time options have been activated, the track number can be reset each day at a certain clock time by selecting the desired Reset track number at option. If the Time option is not activated, the track number can only be reset at 00:00.

If the Prompt up a filename editing dialog box option is checked, the Filename of the acquired .wav file dialog box is launched on each end of a file and allows modifying the filename of the previously saved file.

The Default button provides the standard settings (Prefix = “T”, Track Number with 7 digits). The structure of the currently selected file name is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box. The option Prompt up a filename editing dialog box will launch a dialog box that allows to modify the name of the previously saved file. Therefore, this option should only be activated when using a manual trigger mode. The current folder number can be edited from the Folder number field. The Create subfolders for each monitoring session option adds an additional folder layer. The Folder prefix field defines the fixed prefix of the folder name. The current folder number can be edited from the Folder number field. The option reset track for each subfolder will reset the track number to 0001 for each new subfolder.

The option Create ’bext’ .wav file header chunk creates an additional chunk in the .wav file header that complies with the broadcast wave format (BWF), which includes the creation date, the time reference from the start of the monitoring process and the GPS coordinates (if the GPS functionality is activated).

The option Batch mode for rat/mice drug testing will activate a special batch mode for processing large numbers of laboratory animals.

The option regularly update the .wav file header while recording will make sure that the recorded .wav files are being saved properly even if the program fails to close them at their regular end due to a power failure for instance.

If either the WAV File or WAV File Folder Device option has been selected, the name of the original source .wav file can be added to the newly saved .wav files by activating the option add source filename.
The option add last playback filename and its start time will add the name and start time of the last played .wav file to the filename, which can be useful for certain playback experiments. The playback filename and clock time is taken from the playback logfile.

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last modified on 28 January 2019