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Spectrogram window : Tools > Delete gaps between detected elements

This command will delete the gaps between the detected elements from the sound file.

The resulting new sound file (displayed in the main window) will only contain the detected elements. The sections between the elements will be replaced by silence. In contrast to the Remove gaps command, this command will retain the temporal structure of the original sound file. Note that the original sound file displayed in the main window will be replaced by the resulting file.

Filter This listbox determines which elements will be preserved.

The option all classes will preserve all elements, regardless of their class attributes.

The following options only xxx (representing the defined classes) will only preserve those elements that are assigned to that class. This option is only available if the classification tool is activated.

margins It is possible to add a short margin before and after the detected element when the gaps are removed. The duration of that margin is specified in units of 1 s.

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