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Main window : Tools > Cursor linkage between Instances

In order to enable quantitative comparisons between different sound files, the measurement cursors of several program instances can be linked.

For this purpose, several instances of the SASLab Pro software can be operated at the same time (e.g. by executing the command File > New Instance).

When the desired dialog items are selected and several instances of SASLab Pro are running, the corresponding cursors will move simultaneously in all instances where this cursor linkage option has been activated.

Main window

Marker duration The durations of the marked sections will be aligned between instances.

Spectrogram window

Frequency cursors The frequency cursors of the spectrogram window will be aligned.
Marker duration The durationís of the marked sections in the spectrogram window will be aligned.
Spectrogram contrast The spectrogram contrast will be aligned.

Curve window

X and Y Cursors The X and Y axis cursors will be aligned. Note that the type of the one-dimensional transformation should be the same on both instances.

Copy these settings to all other instances This option will automatically copy the selections made to all other instances of the SASLab Pro software.

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