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Main window : Metadata > dXML database records >

This submenu allows to define and edit user-defined metadata that will be embedded into the currently opened .wav file. At first, the database structure must be defined from the command Define database structure.... The individual dXML data records of a set of .wav files can be merged into a virtual metabase at any later time (on-the-fly). This concept makes sure that the integrity of the metadatabase is always inherently preserved.

Edit... Launches the metadata input mask.

Batch Edit... This command allows to save uniform dXML data to a number of .wav files at once. This is done by launching the corresponding Batch processing dialog box. Select here the desired .wav files and then enter the data record(s).

Define database structure... This dialog box defines the user-defined dXML data fields.

XML View... Launches the selected XML viewer application (command Metadata> Select XML viewer...) and displays the dXML data record(s) within that application.

Copy This command copies the current XML-formatted dXML data set into the clipboard. It can then be pasted from the corresponding Paste command in SASLab Pro or it can be imported into another XML application such as the Microsoft XML Notepad.

Paste This command will paste a XML-formatted dXML data set from the clipboard.

Remove This command will completely remove the dXML chunk from the currently opened .wav file.

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