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USV monitoring setup wizard

This command will assist you in setting up the USV real-time monitoring tool (see USV Real-Time Monitoring for further details).

trial duration : Enter here the desired duration of the trial.

number of channels : If you have multichannel recording hardware, enter the desired number of channels here.

run from .wav file : Check this option if you want to repeat the USV measurement on a previously recorded .wav file in off-line mode. You will then be prompted for the desired .wav file.

batch mode : This option activates the batch mode for rat/mice drug testing. See Batch mode for rat or mice drug testing.

detection & report settings Setupů: Launches the USV Real-Time Monitoring Setup dialog box for adjusting the USV detection and report settings.

recording device settings Setupů: Launches the Configuration dialog box.

Finally click at the Start button to start both the .wav file recording process and the real-time USV monitoring.
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last modified on 03 December 2018