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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm unable to install the SASLab software. The error message is as follows: "The wizard was interrupted before SAsLab Pro could be completely installed."
Move the installation program from 'Downloads' to a temporary folder on the C drive. From there you are able to install it.

Individual functions don't work as expected
Under certain circumstances it might happen that the configuration files (AVISOFT.CFG, DEFAULT.INI, ...) have been damaged, which can prevent the proper operation of the software even after re-installation. This issue can be fixed by executing the SASLab main window command File > Configuration > Reset. Alternatively, the entire folder Documents > Avisoft Bioacoustics > Configurations > SASLab could be deleted.


How can I make ultrasonic vocalizations audible for a PowerPoint presentation?
Making ultrasonic vocalizations audible

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