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SASLab Manual

Main window : Metadata > Metabase

The Metabase window displays the created metadatabase and provides tools for managing the database.

expand If activated, potential multiple entries (more than one record per file) will be displayed.

Open file Opens the currently selected .wav file in the SASLab Pro main window.

browse If activated, the currently selected file will be automatically opened in the SASLab Pro main window.

GIS exp… Exports selected metabase data fields into a .gpx or .kml file or the entire metabase into a shapefile. This button is only available if there are geographic coordinates in the metabase.

Copy Copies the metabase table into the clipboard as a TAB-delimited ASCII table.

Query... Filtering the metabase by specific criteria.

Folder… Use this button to create a metabase of another folder using the previous settings. Alternatively, the desired folder can be dragged into the Metabase dialog box.

Update! Updates the metabase using the previous settings.

Open xml Opens the underlying .xml metabase file in the specified XML viewer application.

Phenology... Generates phenology histogram data (number of .wav files on a day versus time of day table) based on the date attribute of the .wav files in the metadatabase.

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