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Main window : Tools > Real-time processing

The real-time processing tool allows processing newly recorded .wav files once they have been closed by the recording software (Avisoft-RECORDER for instance). The commands that can be executed in real-time are the same as those available on the Batch processing tool.

The software will permanently look for new files in the specified folder. That folder can be selected from the Folder... button or by dragging it from the Windows Explorer window into the Real-time processing panel.

Click at the Setup button to configure the selected command and then at Start to finally start the real-time process. The Pause button will inhibit the real-time processing temporarily until the Continue button is pressed. The Cancel button will terminate the process and close the Real-time processing panel. The list on the bottom of the window will report the processed files along with a few benchmarks.

The real-time processing tool can be launched automatically on the SASLab Pro program start by activating the option Actions > On program start > Launch Real-time processing tool, making it possible to setup an unattended automated processing system.

The real-time processing option “Classify short .wav or .son files (show results in a single table)” allows generating class-specific responses by executing user-defined batch (.bat) files. In order to make this work, it is necessary to create a .bat file for each class that should generate a response. The filenames of the .bat files must match the names of the classes and must reside in the same folder as the .son template files. The .bat filename for the class “?” must be “undefined.bat”.

Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 22 August 2019