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SASLab Manual

Main window : Tools > Rename labels...

The Rename labels command allows to rename the label texts based on predefined text modules that are displayed on a resizable touch panel. Once the text modules (class names) have been setup, this tools can accelerate the manual annotation of automatically or manually selected vocalizations. With the Proceed to Next option activated, this tool will proceed to the next vocalization after clicking (or pressing) a text module button.

The text modules can be defined from the main window command File > Rename by text module / Define text module.... The easiest way to define them is to create a simple .txt file that contains the desired text modules, each in a separate row. That .txt file can then be imported into SASLab pro by dragging it from the Windows explorer into the Rename label #xxx ( window.

When the command is executed from the drop-down command on the menu bar, it will start with the first label (#1). The Rename label window can alternatively also be launched by right-clicking at a label while the Crtl key is pressed. The currently selected label is marked in geen color on the waveform and spectrogram and the label index is shown on the window caption.

Besides the user-defined text modules, the Renamel label window has a few additional buttons:

Delete : Deletes the currently selected label.
Previous : Moves the selection to the previous label.
Next : Moves the selection to the next label.
Proceed to Next : If activated, this option will automatically select the next label once a label has been renamed by invoking one of the user-defined text modules.

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