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Synthesizer window : Tools > Scaling

This tool allows rescaling the time and y parameters of the current arrangement.

Time and y parameters can be adjusted independently. In addition to that it is possible to completely remove the modulation (e.g. AM or FM) from single parameters. If a section marker has been activated, only the selected elements will be modified.

multiply time axis by The time scale of all parameters is multiplied by this factor. Values larger than one will stretch the entire arrangement in time. Values between zero and one will compress the time axis.

Parameter (y axis) This list box allows to choose the y parameter to be modified.

multiply by The selected parameter is multiplied by this factor (applies to all elements).

add This value (unit Hz, V or dB) is added to the selected parameter (applies to all elements) and can be positive or negative.

normalize The selected parameter is normalized in such a way that its maximum value is set to the specified value. In case the overall option is not checked, the normalization will be done individually for each element.

remove modulation The modulation present in the selected parameter will be removed from each element. The resulting constant parameter will represent the average of the original (modulated) parameter within each element.

Single elements can be modified separately by right-clicking at the desired parameter of an element and selecting the popup menu item Element Scaling.

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