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SASLab Manual

Real Time Spectrograph : Record

Start: Starts the real-time spectrogram display.

Stream into WAV file: If this option is activated, all sound data displayed in the real-time spectrograph window will continuously be written into a WAV file. At the beginning of each recording session (when the record button is pressed) a Save As dialog box is launched to define the file name under which the data will be saved.

Auto start mode: If this option is activated, recording is started each time the real-time spectrograph is launched.

Start (input from file)...: Starts real time display with data taken from a *.wav file. The sound will be played back through the soundcard while the spectrogram is displayed. A File Open dialog will be launched when this menu option was chosen. Alternatively, this display mode can be started by dragging a *.wav-file from the file-manager into the real-time spectrogram window. Loop mode

Stop: Cancels the real-time display.

Pause: Interrupts the real-time display.

Automatic Recording...

Automatic Response Setup...

Reset overflow flag : Use this command to reset the overflow flag.

Freeze display (toggle): This command freezes the current display for observation. The recording process will not be affected. This command should be executed by a keyboard shortcut (Esc) in order not to delete the current display. Executing this command again will continue the running display.

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