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Main window : File > Specials > UltraSoundGate DIO > Create labels from UltraSoundGate DI state...

The UltraSoundGate hardware provides a digital input channel, which is located in the least significant bit (bit 0) of the 16-bit PCM word. This command allows creating labels derived from that digital input channel. The signal fed into the digital input is assumed to be active-low.

Label placement It can be selected one of the following locations:

start of pulse The label is placed at the start of the pulse (falling edge of the low-active signal).
end of pulse The label is placed at the end of the pulse (rising edge of the low-active signal).
section A section label representing the entire low-active pulse is created.
section inverted A section label representing the entire high-active pulse is created.

pulse interval > In case the digital signal represents the state of a mechanic switch, this time parameter can prevent recognizing faulty pulses (mechanic switches sometimes produce several close-spaced pulses when being pressed). If this is not a problem, this parameter can be set to zero. Otherwise, this parameter should be set to a value that is smaller than the expected pulse rate (for manual switches 10 ms would be appropriate).

Label text

string The specified string is assigned to the text label.
index The index of the label (starting with one) is appended.
duration The duration (for sections) or time stamp of the label is used as label text.

delete all previous labels If this option is activated, all existing labels will be deleted.

take channel# In multi-channel files, this list-box allows to select the channel from which the digital signal is taken.

Create sidecar .txt file instead of labels If activated, this option will instead save the results in a separate .txt file.

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