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Main window : Analyze

Create Spectrogram Creates a detailed spectrogram that is displayed in a separate spectrogram window with advanced functionalities (the spectrogram overview display on the main window provides only limited capabilities). The spectrogram parameters can be adjsuted from the Spectrogram Parameters... dialog box. By marking a subsection of the sound file on the main window, the spectrogram can be limited to that interval.

Open Binary Speectrogarmm... Opens binary spectrogram files (.son) that have been saved from the sepctrogram window command File > Save Spectrogram (ASCII/Binary)...

Spectrogram Parameters...

Spectrogram Overview This option activates a spectrographic overview display on the bottom of the main window.

Overview Parameters...

Apply spectrogram window parameters Applies the spectrogram parameter settings (including FFT overlap) made for the spectrogram window to the main window overview display.

Show Y axis grid This option enables a Y axis grid and the associated labels.

Frequency cursor This option activates a horizontal frequency cursor for measuring frequencies on the spectrogram overview display on the bottom of the main window. The frequency cursor can alternatively be acticating by pulling it down from the upper margin of the spectrogram display.

Step waveform display mode This option activates the step display mode on the (high temporal resolution) graphic representation of the waveform:
activated: , deactivated:

Fast Envelope Curve display Toggles between fast and exact envelope curve display mode. If this option is activated, the display will be drawn faster at the expense of accuracy (some waveform patterns may be rejected).

Time axis format...

UltraSoundGate DIO This option displays the UltraSoundGate DIO track that is available on a number of the Avisoft-UltrasSoundGate recording and playback devices.

One-dimensional Transformation...

Pulse Train Analysis...

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