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Main window : Metadata

dXML database records >

mXML measurements >

View XML RIFF chunks > Allows to view any .wav file RIFF chunk that contains the substring XML in its RIFF identifier (such as iXML for instance).

Select XML viewer... Selects the application for the above View XML RIFF chunks command. A suited application would be the free XML Notepad application by Microsoft, an internet browser or Microsoft Excel.

bext (BWF) Metadata... >

bext Edit...

Batch Edit... Allows to add bext metadata to a batch of .wav files at once.

Define and create virtual Metadatabase...

Create Metadatabase... This command collects the individual dXML, mXML and other file-specific metadata information from the selected individual sound files into a single XML table. This is done by using the corresponding Batch processing option. When the Create Metadatabase command is executed at the first time, a dialog box titled Virtual Metabase setup is launched (see the above command Define and create virtual Metadatabase...).

Query Metadatabase...

Save changes without prompting If activated, this option rejects the default prompt that would normally appear if the metadata have been modified, which can accelerate the process of adding metadata to a series of .wav files.

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