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Main window : File > Specials > Previous/Next file command settings...

Use this command to select the desired file order on the commands Previous file and Next file.

set order according to:

filename number : The consecutive number in the filenames will be used.
creation date : The file system creation date will be used.
modification date : The file system modification date will be used.
alphabetic order : The alphabetic order of the filename will be used.

The option on the previous file command move to end of file will display the most recent part of the file after executing the previous file command.

The option keep the current zoom interval will keep the temporal resolution of the current waveform and spectrogram display (showing only a subsection of the entire file). Otherwise, the previous / next file will be displayed completely and the previous zoom interval will be ignored.

The smooth file browsing while scrolling option will automatically invoke the previous or next file command once either the start or end of the file has been reached during a scrolling action.

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