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SASLab Manual

Main window : Edit > Insert silent margins

Silent sections of the specified duration will be inserted.

The apply to list box defines the locations within the sound file at which the silent margins should be inserted:

entire file : The silent margins are inserted at the beginning and the end of the whole .wav file.
marked section : The silent margins are inserted before and after the currently marked section.
section labels : The silent margins are inserted before and after each section label.

The option insert clipboard content inserts a background noise signal from the clipboard rather than zeros, which requires to manually copy a silent section of the sound file to the clipboard (Edit > Copy) before executing this command. If the clipboard content is shorter than the specified duration, the clipboard content is repeated accordingly. In order to avoid click sounds make sure that the background noise signal does not contain low-frqeeuncy signal components (high-pass filter the entire sound files before executing the command if neccessary).

Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 05 October 2020