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Play through RECORDER USGH / UltraSoundGate Player If activated, this option will play the soundfile (in parallel to the selected Windows audio playback device on the command File/Playback settings…) also through the Avisoft-RECORDER (USGH) software, which allows to play sound files through Avisoft UltraSoundGate Player or National Instruments DAQ devices. In order to get this work, the playback device must have been selected and configured from the RECORDER software command Play/Device… The playback through the RECORDER software will then be controlled via its DDE command interface, which means that the RECORDER software must have been launched (RECORDER USGH will be launched automatically in case the RECORDER software does not respond to the initial DDE command).

Route UltraSoundGate DIO track (LTC) to the right playback channel If activated, an UltraSoundGate DIO track containing linear timecode (LTC) will be routed to the right channel of the playback device, which will enable synchronization with suited video playback equipment.

On multichannel .wav files, the channel containing the timecode must be selected from the command Analyze/Time axis format… (activate the option “absolute clock time” and select “SMPTE timecode on USG DI (LSB)”). In addition to that, one of the following “multichannel mode” (mono output) options must be selected from the command File/Playback settings…: :”1 of N”, “SUM” or “SUM mix” (“N of N” and “2 of N” will not function because these options already use both output channels).

Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 21 December 2018