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Main window : File > Playback settings

This dialog box provides a few options for playing waveforms through the computer soundcard.

other rate If activated, the soundfile will be played at the selected alternative sample rate. This would either slow-down or speed-up the playback. Selecting a lower sample rate can make originally inaudible ultrasounds audible.

scroll If activated, the playback will continue to the end of the file and will not stop at the end of the currently visible section.

loop If activated, the sound will be played in a loop until the stop button is clicked.

undersampl If activated, the soundfile will be under-sampled at the selected ratio. This option can be used to make originally inaudible ultrasounds audible, while the playback speed is not changed.

Default! The Default button sets all playback settings to their defaults.

device Select here the desired audio playback device if you have more than one playback devices installed on your computer. The first option “default audio playback device” lets Windows chose the specific device.

multichannel mode If the currently opened soundfile has more than one channel, this list box allows to select which channels should be played. The following options are available:

N of N : All channels will be played separately. This is the normal playback mode, which will play a stereo file in stereo. Note that his might not be possible if there are more than two channels.
1 of N : Only one of the available channels will be played. The desired channel number can be selected from the list box at the bottom of the dialog box. This mode of operation corresponds to the individual playback buttons at the right margin of the waveform displays of the SASLab Pro main window.
2 of N : Only two of the available channels will be played as a stereo stream. The two desired channel numbers can be selected from the list boxes at the bottom of the dialog box.
SUM : The sum of all available channels will be played through a single mono stream.
SUM mix : Same as above except that the weight of each channel can be adjusted on mixer-style control bars.

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