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Main window : Edit > Format > Sampling Frequency Conversion

This tool allows modifying the sampling frequency of the sound file.

In contrast to the Change file sampling frequency tool, this function will also resample the data stored in the sound file in order to preserve its time and frequency structure.

Note than one can enter any sample rate through the keyboard. Both down- and up-sampling are supported. In down-sampling, antialiasing filtering may be necessary. Check the Perform Antialiasing Filtering option if (time-consuming) low pass filtering is required. The Accuracy box determines the quality of the re-sampling process. Low values will result in a faster execution speed, but may cause some distortion artifacts. High values will produce higher quality re-sampling at a lower processing speed.

The option keep DIO state will preserve the DIO information of recordings made with the Avisoft-UltraSoundGate hardware that is located in the least significant bit of each sample. It should only be activated when the UltraSoundGate DIO track information is being used.

The execution speed of the down-sampling procedure (the current sampling frequency is higher than the desired rate) depends on the ratio between the current and desired sampling frequency. In case it an integer ratio (e.g. 44100 to 22050 Hz), the down-sampling procedure will be faster. In all other cases a special, more time-consuming, re-sampling procedure will be employed.

Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 09 September 2019