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Main window : Tools > Labels > Save labelled sections into numbered .wav files

This command saves each of the labelled sections of the sound file into separate sequentially numbered .wav files.

The destination folder for the files to be saved can be entered either directly into the Destination directory field or via the button .

The option Add the filename of the original .wav file will include the filename of the original .wav file as a filename prefix for the numbered .wav file output.

Use the option Add the label texts to the filenames in order to retain the label text information.

The option Reject file numbers will exclude the default running number from the filename. In this case all label texts must be unique (otherwise, files will be overwritten).

The Digits list box determines the number of digits used for formatting the file number. Make sure that there are sufficient digits for covering the maximum number of labels.

The Margins setting specifies the margin that is added at both start and end of each section label.

Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 18 September 2019