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Main window : Metadata > dXML database records > Edit

This command launches the dXML metadata record edit box according to the previously defined data base structure (command Define database structure...).

The entered data will be saved along with the .wav file when the command File > Save is executed or when the .wav file is being closed.

If the option multiple records has been activated on the Define database structure... command, then it is possible to add additional records by clicking at the new button. The individual records are then displayed on a table and can be edited by navigating to the corresponding row by using the < and > buttons or by clicking at the desired row. The delete button will remove the selected record.

Modified fields will be saved automatically when a new record is launched or manually be clicking at the Enter button. The Text modules menu provides predefined text modules that have been defined from the main window command File > Rename by text module / Define text module. If the main window option File > Rename by text module / Define text module > Paste text module into the first dXML field (instead of renaming) is activated, the text modules accessed from the main window will automatically pasted into the first dXML field.

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