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Main window : Edit > Compress >

This functionality removes the silent intervals from a sound file.

Remove silent sections Removes the silent intervals according the settinsg made on the Settings... dilaog box.


Remove gaps between section labels This command will remove the gaps between the currently existing section labels. The original time structure will be saved in the .wav file header for later re-construction by the option Expanded view. The resulting cutting locations are shown by short vertical marks at the top of the waveform and spectrogram display. The command is only available for uncompressed or expanded files. Section labels can be easily inserted by left clicking at the waveform / spectrogram, while the shift key is pressed. Subsequent switching between a compressed and un-compressed view is possible by the option Expanded view (restored time structure). A similar, but automatic command for sound file compression is the spectrogram window command Automatic Parameter Measurements > Remove gaps between detected elements from sound file… In compressed files, where inter-call sections have been removed, exact time measurements between the indiviual sound bursts are still possible. Therefore this compressed view may be certainly useful for analyzing signals with large silent inter-call sections (e.g. bat echolocation signals).

Remove gaps between (section) labels and keep labels This command is similar to the above, but will retain all the labels. The appearing dialog box allows to add an additional margin before and after each label.

In contrast to the command Remove gaps between section labels, it is also possible to use normal single point labels.

Expanded view (restored time structure) This option toggles between compressed and expanded view in files, which have previously been compressed by the commands Edit > Remove gaps between section labels, Remove silent sections, or Remove gaps between detected elements from sound file.... Even in the compressed view mode (Expanded view option is not checked), temporal measurements based on the original time structure (before compression) are still possible both in the main and spectrogram window. The original temporal information can be deleted by the command Delete time compressing information from file.

Save segments into numbered .wav files... This command saves each segment of a compressed .wav file into individual sequentially numbered .wav files. The destination folder can be entered either directly into the Destination directory field or via the Select Directory button .

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